Athlete of the Month - December 2015 - Mallory Raborn

“I’m an only child.  I love grilled cheese sandwiches. I love shades of blue and mint green. I named my car Sheila. I’m scared of the dark. I’m obsessed with school supplies. I live by my planner, lists and sticky notes. I love to smile and laugh. My favorite movies are The Sound of Music and The Little Rascals. I love having fun and living life. Oh, and I’m obsessed with elephants. I’m a fun-loving, friendly and energetic person.”

Meet Mallory Raborn. This remarkable, energetic, and intelligent woman joined the Ternion family on January 5, 2015. She was so nervous to go, but she was determined.  She attributes the Ternion staff for making it a comforting and welcoming environment. “That day I did wall climbs for the first time and I thought I was going to die. But, it turned out to be a great workout and I felt awesome after accomplishing my first workout at Ternion.”

Mallory was no stranger to fitness prior to Ternion but all can attest that despite your fitness level, CrossFit will challenge you no matter where you are in your fitness walk.  Ternion Coach Tisa Guidry was Mallory’s Zumba fitness instructor.  While Mallory claimed she would never try CrossFit because of its intensity, Tisa ultimately encouraged her to join her Ternion class, offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 a.m., and Mallory’s been going ever since.

Mallory has now consistently been doing both Zumba and CrossFit and she feels they complement each other by promoting health and fitness. “They each have their own techniques and specialties. They both involve cardio, stamina, strength, coordination and balance, as well as determination, motivation, positivity, and confidence in a workout. Obviously, Zumba involves more dance abilities and CrossFit involves more weightlifting/gymnastic skills. It’s whatever works best for you! What’s important though is that they both benefit your overall fitness goals while enjoying the process and making you a happier and healthier person.  I love both of these fitness programs!”

 Mallory set up for the snatch

Mallory set up for the snatch

Mallory is dedicated to her fitness and certainly the discipline demonstrated in the gym is also evident outside of it.  She’s a 22 year old Nederland native and a goal setter.  She will graduate in December from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences. She plans to further her education and obtain a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology so that she can work with children one day as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Mallory has been in dance since she was 3 years old.  For the past 5 years, she’s worked at Taylor Dance Studio and assists with the Southeast Texas Ballet Company.   This summer, she also became an employee at the Beaumont Children’s Museum.  In addition, she’s involved with the Lamar Catholic Student Center and an active member of St. Charles Borremeo Catholic church.  With these duties, Mallory makes time for herself and her health as well as her family and friends and is handling this exceptional amount of workload well. After all, she is a member of the National Student Speech Hearing Association as well as the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi at Lamar.

Mallory loves God and loves her family. When asked what she was most proud of, she replied, “I’m proud of my motivation and determination to accomplish my goals in my education and how well I’ve done in my academic ability. I’m proud of my independence and the choices I’ve made as an individual. I’m proud of who I am and looking forward to who I become.”

Mallory Raborn, Ternion staff and members are equally proud of you.  It is our hope and desire that your story will inspire and impact others just as it has all of us in your Ternion family.