What is fitness, really?

 Ternion Athletics is located in between Mid-County & Beaumont on Twin City Hwy

Ternion Athletics is located in between Mid-County & Beaumont on Twin City Hwy

If you walk down the street and ask ten people what fitness is, you’ll likely get ten different answers.  So what is fitness?  Is it being skinny?  Is it being able to run for a long time?  Is it having a 400 pound bench press?  

If someone asked me that question, I’d give yet another answer.  I look at fitness as a person’s ability to handle any task.  While there’s nothing wrong with people dedicating themselves to perfecting an individual sport like distance running and weightlifting, for most of us, including myself, this does not help with daily life.

For example, let’s say you just got back from the store and have bags loaded down with barbeque supplies for your football party.  Is being a marathon runner going to help you lift all those bags?  Is being a weightlifter going to help you walk with this load up the steps and into the house and negotiate the minefield of toys your kids left on the floor?  Obviously not.

Fitness is having the strength to lift, the endurance to move, and the agility to dodge the traps your kids lay out for you all at the same time.  Fitness is functional!  So how do we achieve this functional fitness?  The answer is to train functional movements.  Functional movements include lifting, squatting, pressing, running, etc.  These are movements we encounter every day.  I know we like to work that leg curl machine at the gym, but how does that help you outside of the gym?

Another element missing in training is intensity.  If you go to the gym and don’t push your limits, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.  Your intensity is specific to your level of fitness.  It doesn’t matter what your abilities are now.  What matters is that you are pushing your boundaries.  Give it a try, you’ll be surprised what you’re capable of.  Believe me.

To truly be ready for anything, your training must reflect that by being constantly varied.  Routine is the enemy.  Life doesn’t deal you the same hand over and over again, so neither should your exercises.  If you go into the gym every day and jog on the treadmill followed by bicep curls, what are you preparing yourself for?  I guess there’s a slight chance that a lethargic overweight tiger is chasing you and that you have to put something up on a shelf with your elbows pinned to your sides, but it’s not likely.

To achieve a functional fitness we must train appropriately.  That means training functional movements, constantly varying workouts, and doing this with intensity.  This is what we do at Ternion Athletics.

Group classes, led by our team of coaches and scaled to your exact fitness level will get you fitter, faster. We offer free trial classes every day of the week. Click here to fill out a short form and to set up your free one-on-one consult. 


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