Function, Fitness, Or Sport. Which are you pursuing?

Our definition of "fitness" is different. Our way of ACHIEVING this fitness is unique.

TERNION, by definition, means "3 things together." Here is a quick look at 3 things that make our elite fitness program 1 of a kind.

#1. We specialize in restoring FUNCTION, increasing FITNESS and elevating performance in SPORT
People come to our gym with the desire to improve themselves in at least one of these areas. An elderly man might come to learn how to sit and stand from a chair more safely. He may come to restore motion in a shoulder that has been stiff for years. He wants to remain independent and to be able to care for himself as long as he can. He's coming, simply, to restore FUNCTION for life.

A nurse that's having trouble keeping up with the increasing workload at the hospital, is tired of being out of breath when ambulating patients. She needs to be stronger and know how to lift heavy or immobile patients safely. She's coming for function AND for fitness, and she's doing her job better and with a lower risk of injury.

A weekend warrior is training for her next Tough Mudder, MS 150, half, or 5k Fun Run. She made a bet that she would beat her friend and finish with a faster time. She's definitely in it for the SPORT. She's going to get really FIT along the way.

As part of our program, you get free NUTRITION advice! Let our experts expose you to what "healthy eating" really is. Work with us to build a sustainable diet that you can live with for the rest of your life. Eat to perform, not to survive as cheaply as possible.

Train your body in a variety of ways. Lift heavy objects and learn to carry them a long way. Develop the strength to pull yourself up over a bar, jump higher, or run further than you ever have. Improve your balance, coordination, and cardio-respiratory endurance. Stop working out and begin TRAINING for life.

RECOVERY is a multifaceted approach. Sleep, mobility, meditation. Whatever it is, you're probably not getting enough of it! We'll take care of your body and ease your mind by providing excellent attention to detail when customizing weights and workouts. Expect the highest quality service possible when it comes to everything else. This is your body we're dealing with so your best interest is in our minds at all time. If you need time off, we're going to tell you to take a break. Don't get offended. Recover and return stronger!

That pretty much sums it up.  In life, the only thing that we can constantly count on is that CHANGE is coming. We help make change fun and exciting. Get ready for it.

Change the way you look at FITNESS.
Change the way you look at FOOD.
Change the way you LOOK and FEEL.

For a free consult and to begin to pursue better function, fitness, or sport in your life