What's it mean to be on the team?


Are you a competitive...


If so, Ternion Athletics is recruiting those that have the desire to train to become the best of the best in each of these sports to form an ELITE Competition Team in Southeast Texas! 

At Ternion Athletics we choose to work with self-motivated athletes that have a desire to do whatever it takes to improve their athletic performance. We have a proven system and a team of dedicated Coaches and Wellness Professionals to support our competitors in all areas of training, nutrition, and recovery. 

Do you finished in the top 20% of the field in your events but have yet to consistently make the podium?

 We're coming for that #1 spot!

We're coming for that #1 spot!

At Ternion Athletics we specialize in general athletic development. We believe that in order to achieve a greater level of performance in any single sport, one must elevate their general athletic threshold in order to allow the greatest development of sports specific skill. This means that we are not going to focus on making you better at your sport. We are going to help you become a better athlete. Faster. Stronger. More Agile. More Flexible. Better Coordinated & Balanced. More Powerful! In all of this training we are building endurance and stamina across many different time domains and challenging all energy systems to make your body more efficient and able to sustain a rigorous training regimen. Regardless of sport of choice, our athletes will outperform the competition.

Tryouts for the Competition team are by appointment. We will take each applicant through a series of general athletic skills tests as well as conduct an interview. All applicants should bring a list of prior competitions entered and finishes. This is our baseline.

If selected, Competition team members will receive complimentary tuition into our elite athletic development program. We will work with our athletes to find sponsors to pay for entries into competitive events, room and board, etc. In return the athletes will promote Ternion Athletics at local sporting events by wearing our customized apparel, and provide training to our health & wellness clients that have a desire to, one day, be as great as them! We want people that want to pay it forward and care about the people that care about them. "A rising tide lifts all the boats". Get on board with us and let's RISE!

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