Those of you who make the decision to go into public service to police our streets, protect our homes from fire, be the first to respond to our emergencies, and protect our homeland, we can't thank you enough. All we can do is honor you with sharing with you all we know and giving you all that we have. 

The demands of your job require you to be strong. To be tough. To be coordinated, flexible, and have the stamina to outlast any opposing force of nature, machine, animal or person. Our type of training program has been used to physically and mentally prepare police officers, special forces military personnel, and elite firefighting teams for over 15 years. It's worked for all of them and we know it will work for you. 

Part of Ternion's mission to build a stronger Southeast Texas includes helping to strengthen the public service teams supporting our residents. Therefore, each year the month of AUGUST is going to be known as "Public Service Appreciation Month" at Ternion Athletics. No one that works actively in public service will pay tuition to us during this month. Training with our team at Ternion Athletics is on the house in August. Just show your badge or credentials at the time of sign-up and we'll discount your tuition for the month 100%. Contact us any day between now and August 31st to claim your award. Just complete this form and a member of our coaching staff will contact you asap. 

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This is a lifetime award. For as long as you are an active student, you will never pay for tuition in August.