In 2017 we're going to award 1 boy and 1 girl (aged 11-17) with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP with 100% paid tuition (a $2,033 value each) for the entire year! This will cover their training January 1 - December 31, 2017.

This $4,066 scholarship award in 2017 is made possible by all of our current Ternion Athletes. 3% of all the tuition payments made by our current students go into the Ternion Strong Scholarship Fund. As our athlete count grows and our tuition payments collected increase, we will award more scholarships to more kids. 

The 2015 scholarship was awarded to PNG Freshman, Joshua Romero who was an elite level swimmer and excellent student. Since we didn't grant a scholarship award winner in 2016 due to a reduced number of candidate submissions, we are selecting 2 students this year! 

Here are the qualifications required to keep the scholarship:

1.) Must maintain a 3.0 GPA on every 6 weeks report card, mid-term, and final from the time the scholarship is awarded.

2.) Must maintain satisfactory (S) conduct on every 6 weeks report card, mid-term, and final from the time the scholarship is awarded.

3.) Must be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity throughout the school year (other than the gym). Does not have to be a school function. Could be at church, social group, music/art/dance lessons, etc.

4. ) Must complete 3 Volunteer hours of community service per month (36 for the year). This can be done at the local YMCA, food shelter, or on other community improvement projects Ternion Athletics may conduct. 

5.) Must maintain at least a 3x/week training average at Ternion Athletics. (12 sessions per month) 

We encourage any parent, friend, or relative of a child that would benefit from this scholarship, please send an email to us with their name, date of birth, school attended, and a phone number where he/she can be reached. We will conduct phone screen interviews first and THEN invite those that pass the phone interview in for a face to face interview. We are happy to set this appointment up via you, the parent or guardian.

We may be offering 1 more scholarship based on athletic performance alone. The free tryout could be taking place in December...Stay tuned to find out.