"Great place to change your life. Great coaches, members are awesome and helpful." - Clint T.

"I really love how encouraging everyone is here, and Chad is very helpful with instructing the correct techniques. I'd advise anyone new or old to come here if they're looking to get in shape!" - Casey G.

"I'm doing one on one personal training with Chad. I have had a lot of personal trainers over the years but I have to say Chad is the best! He pays so much attention to your technique which I've never had before and now realize why I had so many injuries in the past. He really pushes you and I'm looking forward to working with this gym!" - Eileen L.

"Great gym. Brought out the monsterbeast I didn't know I had in me, and I'm forever grateful." - Lucy B.

"I have been members at many gyms and boxes I can truly say that I personally appreciate what Ternion try's to represent . Members are always friendly and welcomes new members as well as a great support group for all new and old members. Chad continues to work with new members on correct forms and great motivator but, he never forgets about members who has been with him for a great length of time. He continues to motivate and continues to help them in anyway possible!! I certainly give this box 5 stars!!" - Tandi W.

"I absolutely love the atmosphere and motivation at Ternion. I was at a standstill with what I wanted to accomplish in the gym and joining Ternion has brought me to a new level of confidence, endurance, and ability." - Kathleen F.

"I love this gym because I'm never bored, I'm always being pushed to do better and I love being surrounded by people who really want to work. I started going to Ternion about 1 year ago because I wanted to look better. Since then I've leaned out, gained muscle and most importantly I FEEL better about myself! Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction you get when you complete a metcon that seemed almost impossible to complete. I highly recommend Ternion Athletics!" - Norma M.

"Love this gym! Feels more like a family. Glad I gave it a try cause I was drawn in instantly!" - Stephanie W.

"I've had such a great experience! Everyone is so sweet and encouraging. My husband and I love working out here!" - Kari R.

"Good workout, good people, good time...and some pain." - Jordan R.

"Love this place! Such a positive atmosphere with awesome coaches! Blessed to be part of this group!" - Kim H.


"Coming up on a year at Ternion and I am giving thanks to Chad and all the coaches! A year ago my goal was to loose a few pounds and skate along until I needed to shed the pounds once again. Pretty much my life story.... So I bought a month membership at Ternion to whip myself into shape. It was just short time at Ternion when I noticed that my body was physically changing before me, mentally I was being challenged, and spiritually I was becoming a better me by taking care of myself. This place was different! I was hooked. Ternion has offered me a "healthy" lifestyle - nutrition classes, constantly varied and high intensity workouts, and a family atmosphere where everybody inspires and encourages one another. Who knew within a year I would run 5 races (including a Half Marathon) and compete at a CrossFit Competition. At this time of year I am thankful for so many things including my Ternion family. Oh by the way - I did loose those few pounds but more importantly, I gained a lot of strength on so many levels! Come see what it is all about ..... I promise you will not regret it!" - Kim B.

"So it's been a year since I started. I can't believe I have been doing this for a year solid! I was hooked instantly! When I started at Ternion I was still trying to get back into shape after Baby No. 2. It happened fast once I joined. Now, a year later, I'm in the best shape of my life and I feel great!! How hard has it been to keep crawling out of bed at 4:30am to make the 5am class?!? It has not been easy, but it has been SO worth it!!! If you think you don't have time to workout, you aren't making it a priority. If you think you can't afford to work out, but you are spending money on other things you don't need that aren't good for you, you aren't making it a priority. Ternion got me out of my "Mom jeans" and into some pretty awesome skinny jeans. :). And at almost 34 I am healthier and more toned than I have been in ten years! I never thought I could have this kind of muscle in my arms and legs. Thank You Ternion!! You've made this girl one happy Mamma. Here's to one year and counting!!" - Jamie M.

"I had been going to a gym for about 10+ years and doing about every class that was offered and still never saw the results that I have seen in the 2 months that I have been going to Ternion. I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been and loving every minute of it. They have the best coaches there not to mention that the members are also pretty awesome. Everybody there motivates you so much and makes me want to work harder every time I go. It is such an awesome feeling to know that you have really accomplished something when you are done with your workout." - Shelley B.

"It's not everyday that you come across a program that's able to give measurable results in such a short amount of time. In the 7 months of being at Ternion, I've made incredible gains. I'm stronger and leaner from this than anything else I've done previously. On top of the physical gains, the knowledge I've gained is worth ten times more, learning proper technique has been key in such substantial gains. The coaches know their stuff and probably the best in the Southeast Texas area. When results matter this is the place you want to be." - Chris S.

"Ternion isn't just another place to get some exercise...it's a highly motivating atmosphere of team and personal challenge where anyone of any fitness level (emphasis on ANY) really can transform themselves into the strong, fit, healthy person they were designed to be. Ternion has had a positive impact on the health of our entire family, from inspiring better nutrition to increasing our energy levels, improving stress management, and modeling healthier lifestyle habits to our kids. Can't say enough!" - Jillian H. 

"Not only do you get an awesome workout, you make great friends and are continuously surrounded by positive and encouraging coaches and fellow members!! I have never felt embarrassed or out of place and look forward to "doing it better" everyday!!" - Shelly B.

"So glad you are having the Teacher Camp! Six workouts in, and I am seeing results in overall strength and stamina. If someone had asked me six months ago if I thought I would be this far along I would have said, "Not at all." The combination of skill training and interval training has given me the confidence to continue on this journey to fitness. Staff members have been extremely helpful and encouraging, and the other gym members are supportive, as well. Way to go!" - Annette M.

"This place is great for so many reasons but primarily because everyone's egos are left in the parking lot. Coming from a gym, I was used to the stereotypes that are commonly found there with very few people actually doing the work for "the gains" (more of it is for show) and never had I ever once had someone stand next to me cheering for me to finish, much less do squats with me but, that's exactly how it is here. My first night I was pretty sure I was going to die, in fact, I may have desired death to what I was enduring but, Chad just waited for us to finish. He never gave us a chance to stop early or quit. I've been hooked since day one and I am proud of who I am becoming because of this place." - Chrissy S.

After doing CrossFit for one and a half years at another place before Ternion opened, I was hesitant on trying a new place. But, after my first visit I was SOLD. I can remember thinking, "wow this is where I belong". For sure the best move I could had made." - Thad K.